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Norman Fox - NORFOX 55-LL

Household, Institutional, and Industrial Cleaning (HI&I) is one of our strongest markets. From solvents to surfactants, Norman, Fox & Co. represents many of the largest and most successful HI&I focused manufacturers in the world. Our raw materials are widely used to improve the cost position and performance of dishwasher products, laundry detergents, car care products, degreasers, rinse aids, fabric conditioners and disinfectants. We have extensive in-house formulation expertise and can tap into a vast R&D community among our world class supplier partners. Whether it is Norfox® branded, Safer Choice® listed products or non-petrochemical surfactants we monitor trends and create solutions based on customer needs.

Our commitment to the Personal Care industry started at our inception as Norman, Fox & Co. manufactured bar soaps. Since then, our goal has been to stay in front of trends and provide innovative solutions for the PC market. We manufacture proudcts that are used in formulations of shampoos and conditioners, bath additives, shower gels, lotions, face creams, deodorants, hair treatments, and soaps. Norman, Fox & Co. also represents leading manufacturers providing specialty ingredients that impart desired effects. These products include emulsifiers, foam boosters, stabilizers, mild products, conditioners, suspensions, and thickeners. Human health and safety, well-being, and sustainability are always in mind as we continue to develop innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers.


Material: NORFOX 55-LL

Supplier: Norman Fox

INCI Name: Lauramide DEA

CAS Number(s): 120-40-1

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Tags: 1 : 1 Lauramide DEA,Lauramide DEA, Lauramide Diethanolamide