At Norman, Fox & Co., we are committed to the well-being of our customers, employees, neighbors and environment.

Each day, we strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible by monitoring our water and electricity use, implementing procedures to reduce our carbon footprint and collaborating with suppliers who share our focus on sustainability.

Additionally, we work diligently to promote safety both in our own manufacturing facilities and off-site. As a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), we take an active role in the responsible handling of chemicals through our participation in Responsible Distribution. The Responsible Distribution Codes we follow cover everything from safe handling and storage of chemicals, waste management, and regulatory compliance to community outreach, internal auditing and product stewardship.

Adhering to the Responsible Distribution program — including engaging in regular third-party audits to ensure we are successfully following all of the program’s requirements — supports our efforts to comply with local, state and federal regulations and enables us to better engage with community leaders and agencies.